Fleet Management


The Hadley Group’s dry bulk, tanker and container vessels are technically managed through Anglo-Eastern (UK) Ltd www.angloeastern.com with whom we have had a relationship for more than 30 years. Anglo-Eastern are one of the largest and most professional third party ship managers in the world. They provide Hadley with technical and crew management and we take an extremely pro-active role from the top management down, to ensure that our vessels are run correctly and without compromise.

Hadley has always prided itself for its policy of maintaining a professional and quality operation, with focus on all aspects of shipboard operations to ensure maximum possible reliability and safety to minimize accidents, damages and downtime. The vessels are always maintained to the highest possible standards regardless of market conditions, with great attention taken to preserving the fabric including the condition of the ballast tank and cargo hold coatings to arrest corrosion and to ensure the vessel passes cargo inspections without fault.

There is no better way than to “walk the talk”. With this in mind, we plan ship board visits periodically. Management including the Chairman make regular visits to the vessels to ensure quality is being kept to our high expectations and to obtain an independent overview of morale on board, ship board operations and of course maintenance. This policy of visiting the ships has been ingrained in the Company for many years, to the extent where the previous Chairman could be seen during his visits in the double bottom tanks inspecting tank coatings. We are of the firm belief that shipboard visits are an essential driver to emphasise our commitment personally to the senior officers on board in their efforts of day to day running of the vessel.

The Hadley Group can provide third party Ship Management through their Ownership of AW Ship Management. AW Ship Management currently provide technical and crew management for Hadley’s 100% subsidiary Foreland Shipping Ltd who operate 4 RoRo vessels. For third party management please contact AW Ship Management www.awshipmanagement.com

Finally, Shipping is a relationship business which extends not only to our Charterers and customers but also to our managers as evidenced by our more than 30 year relationship with Anglo-Eastern. Additionally, this relationship extends to the physical assets themselves as well as those on board who give their time and effort to help the Company prosper. Many of our crew from Master and Chief Engineer downwards have been with the Company for many years and we are most proud that they consider themselves part of the Hadley family.


Hadley regularly fixes its own vessels for voyage, time charter trip and period employment. With a very experienced staff, Hadley can also provide third party commercial Ship Management on request including Sale and Purchase, vessel employment, post fixture and accounting management including the monitoring of third party managers.

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Operations of the fleet by the very nature of the business of tramp shipping is dynamic. The key lies in effectively managing the situation with a view to preserve vessel’s safety, without undermining the Master’s overriding authority and maintaining good relationship with our Charterers. After all, successful operations relies on good understanding between stakeholders with minimal disputes.

Whenever a conflict situation is noted to arise in commercial exchanges between our Masters and Charterers concerning vessel’s safety and / or stability matters, we attempt to step in to assist the Master and engage directly with the concerned charterers. This provides confidence to our Masters that they are not alone in their endeavours to ensure safety of the vessel, crew and cargo. It also hopefully serves to provide confidence to our charterers that we take our relationship with them seriously and attempt to mitigate any potential conflict in an expeditious and professional manner.

A message that is repeated frequently to our Masters is that, “we are always at the end of a phone”! Day or Night, the shore based team at Hadley is just a phone call away to support our Masters and the crew that sail on our fleet.

The Hadley Commitment – “Safety is a Journey” that is never over. For us, it started in 1926 with the formation of the Hadley Shipping Company, and through Ups and Downs we expand our expertise and strive to do better, be safer and care for the seas along the way. In this journey, we rely heavily on our ship board team, our managers and not least our charterers to assist us.


The Hadley fleet is managed by the Anglo-Eastern Group, who are ISO 9001/14001/18001 certified. This in itself provides the foundation for ensuring that high Quality, Occupational Safety and Environmental standards respectively are met for all matters concerning our fleet. Furthermore, our Managers are committed in ensuring that the highest industry standard is maintained across the fleet. Our choice of Manager therefore underpins our philosophy of safety.

We are committed to the safety of the people serving on board our ships and take keen interest in ensuring safe and environment friendly operations be conducted at all times. Our belief is that “Safety” should not be limited to a “paper based” exercise. Instead, it should be practiced by way of “actions”; whether it is safe working practices, timely maintenance on the vessel, safety during navigation or strict compliance with environmental requirements.

We consider Rightship ratings as a measure of “Quality”. In keeping with our efforts to own and commercially run a quality fleet, we take our Port State Control record and Rightship rating very seriously. Through regular checks and the efforts of our manager’s, we try to ensure that the vessels achieve the highest possible rating.